DIY Valentine’s Day Shaker Card

Do you like to give your loved one a unique Valentine’s Day card? Then why not a DIY Valentine’s Day shaker card! You can tailor them individually, with the favorite color, a sweet saying and a unique filling.


DIY “Love❤” shaker card


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What you will need:

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As first step, I shaped the ‘LOVE’ with the wire and laminated it. That will be the ‘window’ of the card.


Then I started with the cover page. I took a red crafts paper sheet, that is about 1/2″ smaller on every side than the white crafts paper card. I cut out a heart and glued the laminated pouch to the back of the red sheet so that the wired ‘LOVE’ is in the middle of the cut-out heart.

Now I glued foam stripes to the back of the red cover page. The foam stripes create space so that the filling of the card can be shaken. I actually used ‘compressed foam stripes’ these are being used to seal windows.

If you got self-adhesive stripes that’s fine, but you should make sure that your filling can’t stick to it. I used liquid glue for the foam stripes cause after the glue is dry it won’t stick.




After everything is dry you can put your filling onto the white card (I used a folded crafts paper sheet) and glue the red cover page on top of it and let it dry again.

You could also use small photos of yourself or little kiss mouths as filling.


After everything is dry I just glued the ‘Happy Valentine’s Day’ print onto the cover page and done!

Now just shake it!!!



Here are 2 more DIY Valentine’s Day Shaker Cards:



I hope my instructions were helpful and I could give you some ideas and inspirations. I’m looking forward reading your comments or receiving pictures of your own creations.

I wish you an awesome Valentine’s Day.

Hope to see you soon again.



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