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Tailwind Create: create beautiful Pins fast and easy

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Tailwind Create - how to

Yeeesss, It’s finally time to tell you about Tailwind’s new feature Tailwind Create!

With Tailwind Create you can design high-quality Pins fast and easy. If you aren’t so familiar with Tailwind yet, here are some facts:

Tailwind is an official Pinterest and Instagram marketing partner and can help you improve your strategy. With Tailwind you can schedule your Pins for weeks or even months in advance and let them auto-post to your Pinterest account at the time, where your audience is most active and you can analyze your account performance and pins.

And now, you can even let Tailwind design you professional-looking Pins in just a few easy steps with Tailwind Create! So you don’t need any other app, you’ve got everything in one place.


Try Tailwind now!

If you don’t have a Tailwind account yet, you can start your free trial here and schedule 100 Pinterest pins and 30 Instagram posts for free! And you can use Tailwind Create soon too.

When you use my link, we both receive a $15 credit for a free month of the plus membership after upgrading.


What is Tailwind Create?

Tailwind Create is the new tool in the Tailwind app, that turns your ideas into professional-looking pins in just a few steps. But right now it’s still in the beta phase and not accessible for all members yet.

When you start a design, you just need to provide a few information and select some pictures and Tailwind Create will show you what feels like, a never-ending list of pretty and high-quality pins. These pins are of course optimized specifically for Pinterest so that you can choose one or two you like the most and just add them to your scheduling queue or edit a pin individually to fit your taste and brand, and your good to go!

So if you’re looking for a way to mix up your pin designs and try something new, Tailwind Create is just right for you!


How to use Tailwind Create

So let’s do this. First, click on the brush symbol on the left and click on “start designing”.

Tailwind Create - start designing
source: tailwindapp.com

Now you can put in your brand preferences, like your brand URL or name, brand fonts, brand colors, and brand logos. To save these information just click on save preferences.

Tailwind is still adding new features to Tailwind Create, so since recently, you can get suggestings for color palettes and font pairing for your selected font.

Tailwind Create - Brand Preferences
source: tailwindapp.com

After that, you can insert all the information to let Tailwind Create start designing your pins.

So let’s put in your destination link and the app will automatically fill in the pin title and pull all of your pictures from the URL link.

Now you can change the pin title if needed and select the photos you want to use for your pins.

Tailwind Create - new design
source: tailwindapp.com

You can also use some stock photos and mix them up with your own. All selected photos will show in the middle of the screen.

Tailwind Create - photo selecting
source: tailwindapp.com

After you’re done selecting your photos just hit the “create images” button and Tailwind Create will show you beautiful Pins in just seconds.

You can quick edit each Pin by clicking the arrow under the image, you can change the colors, the used photo, or just the position of the photo and the layout.

If you want to get more editing options, you can click on the edit button.

Tailwind Create - pin graphic collection
source: tailwindapp.com

Now you can change up colors, fonts, or add some elements or photos.

After you’re done, you can choose to “download the image”, “discard Changes” or “Save and go back”.

Tailwind Create - edit pin
source: tailwindapp.com


If you like to adjust the selection of the Pin images, you can use the filters on the right.

You can sort by content type, Industry/Niche, or Pin format.

Tailwind Create - Filter
source: tailwindapp.com

If you would like to save your favorite designs, you can save them by clicking on the little heart in the upper left corner of the image.

When you’re done editing, you can select a few Pins you’d like to schedule.

Tailwind Create - select pins
source: tailwindapp.com

Now Tailwind Create will show you all the selected images to review one last time before adding them to your drafts.

Tailwind Create - review your selection
source: tailwindapp.com

After hitting the “go schedule” button, all your selected pins appear in your drafts.

Just edit your Pin title, if necessary, write a pin description and add a URL link and your Pins are ready to get scheduled to your queue. Isn’t that awesome.


Quick tip: 

Don’t schedule all your just created Pins on the same day, distribute them out over the week or month, and embed them into your pinning strategy.

Tailwind Create - go schedule
source: tailwindapp.com

What I love about Tailwind Create

What I love most about the tool is that I can choose my pins from a variation of hundreds of designs and personalize one or two favorites in just a few easy steps.

And because I’m able to create my pins now with Tailwind Create and schedule, auto-publish, and analyze my pins with Tailwind, I’ve got everything in one place!

Tailwind Create

So if you like to try Tailwind Create and embed it to your weekly or monthly Pin designing routine, then upgrade your Tailwind Create Plan with this link for 50% off until Jan. 31st, 2021. This deal is for life, so it will not change!

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Thank you so much for reading my post, I hope you liked it.

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Tailwind Create - create beautiful pins faster than ever before

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