How to boost your Pinterest Account with Tailwind

Tailwind: the best alternative for boardbooster

Do you want to boost your Pinterest account, get more monthly viewer or maybe you want to schedule and automate your pins?


I just love Pinterest and I ‘pin’ or how it’s called now ‘save’ pins every day! I pin to get more traffic to my blog and because it’s so much fun. Most of my days I start with a cup of coffee and a bowl of cereals and Pinterest. I check my home feed and see what’s new and trending and what I can pin to my profile. My day also ends with Pinterest, because that is mostly the last thing I do before I fall asleep.

Pinterest is my main traffic source! It brings me 90% of my blog visitors. That’s why I want to focus on Pinterest and create pin-worthy content.

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Source: Google Analytics

To help me pin even more on Pinterest, I use an awesome tool, Tailwind.

You probably heard about it before. The app can both, help you to pin your pins automatically and save you a lot of time that you can use for other important tasks to grow your blog or business.

When I started my blog, I have read a lot of posts about Pinterest and almost everyone recommended to pin daily and a minimum of 10-30 pins per day. To do that you could use Tailwind! It helps you to pin on Pinterest, even if you’re busy and got no time to do it yourself. It doesn’t mean you can’t pin manually anymore, you still can.

Pinterest is just awesome, it’s unbelievable how posts get pinned, but it takes some time. It’s not like Facebook or Instagram, where a picture or video goes viral in 24 hours. One of my pins “simple gifts for men” has appeared almost 78k times in 10 weeks! That’s ~46 times per hour. But still you have to be patient, it just takes some time to get your pin get seen from others. Pinterest is a search engine, it’s great to search for DIY’s, recipes, gifts ideas or life hacks. (01.30.2018)

(This statistic you can only see on a business account. If you don’t have one yet, you can just convert yours easily into a business account for free.)

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Source: Pinterest

(This post contains affiliate links, this means I may receive a small commission, at no extra cost to you. I just recommend products I tried, used and love. This helps me monetizing this website. Thank you for your support.)


Tailwind is a great tool where you can schedule your pins and it’s also a great analytics tool. It will post your pins automatically and also shows you the best times slots to pin. That’s when the engagement of your audience is the highest on a day. Tailwind is also great when you’re on vacation and still want to pin daily or you’re just busy and need to work on other things. It helps you to keep up your Pinterest activity.

On the image below you can see scheduled pins and on the right, you see the time slots with the time of the day where your audience is most engaged.

tailwind scheduling example -

Source: Tailwind

Also, the Tailwind dashboard shows the helpful features, such as the scheduled pins, the profile performance or the pin inspector.

tailwind dashboard

Source: Tailwind

Tailwind Tribes

Another great feature of Tailwind is the Tailwind Tribes! The Tribes are groups where you can pin your pins and repin others pins. You see if a post is ‘hot’ and popular and you can schedule to pin them to any of your Pinterest boards. Every tribe has its own rules, so make sure you read them first, before pinning to the tribe. A new feature is the ‘find a tribe’ option, so you can search for tribes in your niche to join. But there are 3 types of tribes: the ‘public’ tribe where you can join without approval, the ‘request to join’ tribe where you can request to join and the last, the ‘secret’ tribe where you need an invite to join.

You can also pin directly from Pinterest to a Tailwind Tribe. You just need the extension plugin, there is the Chrome extension and Firefox extension. Tailwind also shows you if you have pinned this pin already to a tribe and when.

The Tribes are another great way to spread your content.

example for pinning to tailwind tribes from pinterest -

Source: Pinterest

 start your free Tailwind trial now

By clicking this button you get directed to the Tailwind homepage.

By signing up for Tailwind through my link we both get a free month of the Tailwind Plus Plan (regular $15) when you upgrade after your free trial. Isn’t that awesome!

You can try Tailwind for free with no time period, they let you schedule 100 pins for Pinterest and also for Instagram. I guess this lets you figure out if you like the app or not. Maybe you don’t like it so much and like to try another great scheduling tool like BoardBooster.


Tailwind can also be used to schedule images for Instagram. On the Tailwind platform, you can easily switch between your Pinterest and Instagram account.

Just now, Instagram changed their regulations, so now Tailwind is allowed to automatically post on Instagram. Before it just sent you a notification to post your image at this time and you had to do it manually, but that has changed now. (30.01.2018)

In this article I will tell you about the 2 new Instagram features of the Tailwind app.

tailwind - 2 new instagram features


The newest feature is the automatic posting of a Pinterest pin to your Facebook business or fan page at the same time.

tailwind posting to facebook

Source: Tailwind

Tailwind is now in the position of crossposting to your Facebook page. The vertical pin gets customized for Facebook. It will scan your post and will use the best image for Facebook. You just need to check the box beside “post to Facebook page” and add a Facebook Description to your draft and done.

post to facebook from tailwind

Source: Tailwind

Now Tailwind will post your article automatically to Pinterest and Facebook. That will save you a lot of time and you stay active on both.

facebook page with tailwind post

Source: Facebook

Try it!

I like to invite you to try Tailwind for free and see if it helps your Pinterest Account and if you start loving it as much as I do.
Of course, I can’t give you a 100% guarantee of your success, but I promise you, you will not regret it!

start your free Tailwind trial now

By clicking on this button you get directed to the Tailwind homepage.

Which one is your fave Tailwind tool or feature? Tell me in the comments.

Please let me know if you’ve got any questions.

I love to help and support blogger, small businesses or companies starting or increase their Pinterest Presentation.

see you soon


tailwind best tool to boost your pinterest account

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  1. Be careful with some plugins. For example „revive old posts“ plugin will get you marked as Spam on Facebook or Twitter due to similar content posts. It happened to my blog . It takes a lot of patience to get unblocked again. Don’t know about how Pinterest reacts.
    Nevertheless this is a pretty good article. Will come back for sure.
    Good work.

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