Creating fresh content for pinterest

How to create fresh content for Pinterest

Pinterest loves fresh content from you

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Pinterest has always been loving fresh content. But it looks like, it’s getting more and more important to create and pin fresh and valuable content to the platform in 2020!


So that’s the key to become successful on Pinterest?! You need to create and pin fresh content consistently.


So what does fresh content mean?

There are a couple of different combinations of new content. Starting with probably the most valuable one:

  • a new blog post, page, or a product listing with a new image, description, and title, that has never been pinned to Pinterest before.
  • a new pin image, description and title (set up some templates for time-saving) for an already existing blog post
  • a new description and title for an existing pin

Pinterest - What is fresh content


Your Pinterest strategy

A great help for your Pinterest strategy is Tailwind. Tailwind is an official Pinterest and Instagram partner and helps you save so much time by batch schedule your pins for a week or 2 or even more, all at once. Also, the app will pin them to Pinterest at the best time, where your followers are most active on the platform. So Tailwind makes it so easy to be consistent on Pinterest.

And to keep track of what you have already pinned to Pinterest and when, Tailwind will help you with that too, with SmartGuide.

SmartGuide will alert you if you pinned a pin before and by clicking the little “i” icon it shows you to what board you pinned the pin and the exact date.

Also, SmartGuide will monitor your Pinning and will alert you if you put your account at any unnecessary risk with what you are pinning and it suggests easy fixes for a healthy scheduled queue.

Isn’t that awesome?!

Tailwind SmartGuide to easily create fresh content for Pinterest


Always have enough images on hand

Is it enough to just change up the description of an existing pin a little bit? Maybe, but Pinterest is a visual search engine and is able to scan your pins and indicates similarities. So Pinterest knows when you are pinning the same pin over and over again.

  • take lots of photos with different angles (e.g. flat lay) or with different backgrounds when creating a new product, DIY or whatever you want to share on Pinterest
  • create the images for one particular blog post or product all at once
  • create 4-5 templates (e.g. on canva) to easily create new images for Pinterest (check your analytics for your best-working pins and great more of them!)
  • film a short video, create one by using your images as slide-show or use moving stickers on your image to rate it as video pin

You can schedule all pins with Tailwind and let them get pinned in an interval. So you don’t have to worry about them anymore.


Tailwind Visual Marketing Suite


Layout ideas

If you don’t know how your layouts should look like, I’ve got some examples for you.

To mix up your pins use different colors, fonts, and layouts for your templates to make them stand out. Look at your analytics and see which images work best and create more of them.


Layout templates for Pins


General tips for Pinterest

Last but not least, I wanted to give you some general tips for your Pinterest strategy. Maybe you’re already aware of them.

  • always pin your new pin to the most relevant board first
  • don’t pin the exact same pin to Pinterest over and over (the Tailwind SmartGuide can indicate that and give you suggestions for an easy fix)
  • the ideal pin size ratio is 2:3 and 600 x 900 pixels


How to create fresh content for pinterest


I hope you liked my tips and if you have any questions or feedback, feel free to contact me at or leave a comment under this post. I would love to hear from you.



PS: If you aren’t using Tailwind already, click here to start your free trial to schedule your first 100 pins and let Tailwind help you with your Pinterest success!

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