diy laminated lampshades

spinglike laminated lampshades

laminated lamps as spring decoration

According to the calendar, it’s Spring already but the weather isn’t so springlike right now. So why not decorate your home springlike.

I transformed our boring lampshades into some decorative springlike laminated lampshades.

What you will need:

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use napkins, laminated pouches and thermal laminator for laminated lamps    also use a hole punch, tape, pen and scissors to create laminated lamps

First, separate the napkin in all 4 layers, but you just need the top layer. Place the printed napkin layer in a thermal pouch.
With just the top layer, it still let enough light through the lampshade.

tulip napkins layer for laminated lamps    tulip napkin in laminated pouch to create laminated lamps

Now laminated the tulip napkins, one for every lampshade.

laminated pouch in thermal laminator to create laminated lamps   4 laminated pouches with spring napkins to create laminated lamps

Cause my dinner table lamp got these metal pins, I hole punched my laminated pouches and wrapped them around the glass lampshades and put the metal pins through the holes.

hole puncher and laminated napkin to create laminated lamps   glass lampshade with laminated napkin wrapped around

I did the same with the other lampshades.

And done are my DIY springlike laminated lampshades!

finished laminated lampshades   tulip laminated lampshades over table


Here are my before and after picture.

4 glass lampshades "before"     4 glass laminated lampshades "after"

Here are a couple more laminated lampshades and candle holder:

Laminated Nightstand  “before – after”


Laminated candle holder


I hope my instructions were helpful and I could give you some ideas and inspirations. I am looking forward reading your comments or receiving pictures of your own creations.

hope to see you again soon.


springlike diy laminated lampshades

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