Wood sign as personal gift

How to make wooden signs as a great personal gift.

What you need:

  • wooden signs
    (The instructions to transfer fonts onto wood you can find in my post DIY wood sign                  click here)
  • rope or yarn
  • stapler
  • ruler


I have braided the ropes because that way it’s more stable.

Because the writing is sensitive, I put a towel under the boards.

Now the ropes are getting stapled to the boards. To always get the same distances, you can put a ruler between the boards. Or you can use anything else as placeholders. Staple the rope at the top and bottom to the boards and attach a rope at the top, so you can hang the boards on a  wall.


These signs are a great personal gift, for example as wedding gift. You can also create a sign for every child with their birthday.

I hope my instructions were helpful and I could give you some ideas and inspirations. I am looking forward reading your comments or receiving pictures of your own creations.

I hope to see you again soon.


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