5 cheap and easy DIY storage boxes

Are you in the tidying up and organizing mode too? It’s really a good idea to declutter and reorganize the house at the beginning of the year and whenever I’m tired of looking at it like that.

I want to show you 5 cheap and easy DIY storage boxes that can help you organize and also decorate your house.

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1. DIY storage box wrapped in self-adhesive film

The first storage box is covered with a self-adhesive film.

What you will need:


The first step is to cut the film into the right size (the side parts of the film should still be able to be folded over a little bit) and place the cardboard in the middle of it. Now just cut out the corners of the film that are not needed (right picture). It helps to draw lines in extension of the cardboard box corners with a pen and ruler.


Now you can remove the back of the self-adhesive film and press the film on the box. I started with one of the longer sides and the bottom of the box. Then the other sides.


And done!

Tip: If you’ve got a cardboard box that is torn, you can fix it with some scotch tape and by covering the box with the self-adhesive film. Almost like new!

2. DIY gift wrapped storage box

Another great variant is, to wrap the cardboard box in gift wrap. Gift wrap is cheap and you can get it in thousand different styles and colors. I’m pretty sure, you got some at home already.

What you will need:


Did you find a pretty wrapping paper? Then let’s go!

Cut off a piece of gift wrap that is big enough to fold over a little bit to the inside of the box. Then cover the bottom of the box with glue and place it centered on the wrapping paper.


Now you need to cut out the outer corners of the gift wrap. To make it easier, it helps to draw lines along the length of the cardboard box corners with the ruler and pen. After that, you can apply glue to the sides of the box and stick the wrapping paper on it.

Tip: I put thin strips of gift wrap over the corners of the box (right picture). So that the cardboard box does not shine through after covering all sides with gift wrap.


And done!


3. DIY napkin storage box

This one got covered with napkins. I did not divide the napkin into the individual layers, as you would do for decoupaging. I glued the complete napkin onto the cardboard box.

(I tried to use only the top layer of the napkin, but that did not work well and the napkin became very wavy due to the glue.)

What you will need:

  • cardboard box
  • napkins
  • scissors
  • glue


First, you should cut the napkins, just a little bigger than the sides of the cardboard box. Then simply cover the sides with glue. Try to cover the cardboard very evenly and not too thick with glue and stick the napkin on it.


Glue all overhanging napkin pieces and let the box dry.


4. DIY storage box wrapped in wallpaper

This one is my fav DIY storage box! It’s wrapped in a wooden look wallpaper we had left from our bedroom renovation.

What you will need:


First, you need to cut off a piece of the wallpaper that goes all around the box, with enough overhangs on all sides. Now start with one side of the box and cover it with mod podge/paste and stick it to the back side of the wallpaper.


Once you’ve wrapped the box in wallpaper, you just have to make a cut in the wallpaper in all 4 corners of the box, fold the wallpaper over and glue the overhanging part to the inside of the box.

Now just let it dry and done is your DIY storage box wrapped in wallpaper!

5. DIY painted storage box

Last but not least the painted cardboard box. I painted it with white and black acrylic paint to create a pretty storage box.

What you will need:


First, I painted the box completely white and let it dry. Then I taped stripes with the masking tape and painted the still visible white parts black.


After the black paint is dry, you can take off the masking tape.

(I had to paint the cardboard box 2-3 times to really cover over the white paint.)

And done is my black and white stripes DIY painted storage box!

Here are all 5 DIY storage boxes

Which one is your favorite? Let me know in the comments!

I hope my instructions were helpful and I could give you some ideas and inspirations. I am looking forward reading your comments or receiving pictures of your own DIY storage boxes.

hope to see you again soon.


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