3 simple last-minute DIY Christmas decorations

Christmas is only a couple of days away, crazy right? Time goes by so fast. If you think you still need a lil bit more Christmas decoration, then check out these 3 easy last-minute DIY Christmas decorations. Most of the materials you can find already at home.

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If you like to decorate your Christmas tree a little more, why not with some super fast and easy Toothpick-Stars as cute ornaments!

What you will need:

  • toothpicks (4 per star)
  • wire
  • scissors

Start by cutting an approx. 1 ft long piece of wire and wrap it around 2 crossings toothpicks.


After you wrapped the wire a couple of times around the 2 crossing toothpicks you can add another one and wrapped the wire around it again, to secure all toothpicks and so on. I used 4 toothpicks per star. At the end, you should have an around 4-5″ piece of wire left to create a loop. With the loop, you can hang the star on the tree.

These cool stars can also be used to decorate windows or you can craft a mobile out of a couple of them.





Another great and easy Christmas decoration is a Christmas-ball-mobile.

What you will need:

  • wooden skewer and wire, as big “toothpick-star”
  • nylon thread
  • Christmas ball ornaments
  • scissors
  • (transparent scotch tape) optional

For this great mobile, you need to create a “big toothpick-star” as seen above.

After that, you can start nodding approx. 1-1 1/2″ long nylon strings onto the ends of the wooden skewers. Now you can add the Christmas balls to the strings. I have attached the balls alternately.


Tips: It’s important to get the mobile balanced, so it’s not crooked. I used some small stones and put them into some of the balls to balance the mobile.
If the nylon strings slip off the wooden skewers, you can fix them with some transparent scotch tape.
To attach the Christmas balls to the strings, I hung the mobile on our dinner table lamp, so it’s easier, instead of just having everything laying on the table. That way you can adjust the balls on the strings so that they have different heights.


When you are done nodding the ornaments to the strings you can cut of all remaining ends of the nylon strings and done!




Last but not least I want to show you how to craft a cute little Drinking-straw-Christmas-tree.

What you will need:

  • 1 wooden skewer
  • green drinking straws
  • scissors
  • Utility knife
  • styrofoam or foam to create flower bouquets
  • small flower-pot or second piece of styrofoam, you can also use cork
  • a napkin
  • 2 small printed or drawn paper stars
  • glue stick

The first step is to cut the straws to a different length. I cut off the part where you can fold the straw.

Now you can spear the straws onto the wooden skewer. I began with the longer ones.



When you’re done spearing the straws, you can trim your little tree with the scissors.

Next step is to cut the styrofoam or whatever you’re using to hold the tree, to fit into the small flower-pot. Maybe you have to shorten the wooden skewer to actually look like a tree.

To cover the styrofoam I used the red napkin (not shown in the picture below). Just cut a circle and put it on top of the flower-pot.


And to cover the top part of the wooden skewer, I used two small paper stars and glued them together and on top of the tree.


Here my finished Drinking-Straw-Christmas-Tree:

Here a 2 more:

This one got tiny Christmas ornaments and a pretty red tree stand.
The ornaments are made out of 2 of the same paper motifs. Just glue them together with a small piece of wire in the middle and hang them onto the tree.

The tree stand is made out of a small round piece of styrofoam wrapped into a piece of red napkin.



I hope my instructions were helpful and I could give you some ideas and inspirations to create some last minute Christmas decorations for your home. I am looking forward reading your comments or receiving pictures of your own creations.

I wish you Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!

Hope to see you again soon.



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