spooky DIY Halloween lights

spooky DIY Halloween light

Here comes a super easy upcycling DIY for fall. I’m a huge Halloween fan and every year I can’t what until summer is over and the days getting chillier and the leaves starting to fall.

spooky diy halloween lights

Let’s go.

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What you will need:

craft suppiles for spooky halloween lightsFor my spooky DIY Halloween light I used a glow in the dark skull and put it on the bottom of the mason jar and poured the clear soap over it. After the jar was almost completely filled with the soap I put the second skull on top.

You can also use different objects like spiders, bats, skeleton or zombie finger, whatever you like or may have at home already.

empty mason jar with skulls for halloween light    empty mason jar with skull getting filled with liquid soap as halloween light

Now just close the jar real tight and wrap some fake spider webs around the glass.

spooky diy halloween light with skull and fake spider web

After you are done with the spider web, just place the jar on the LED light.


The lighted spooky DIY Halloween light

spooky diy skull halloween light

here are 2 more Halloween lights

bat halloween light    spider halloween light

It’s important, no matter what decorations you put in your Halloween light, it should be heavy enough and not filled with air, because it will float up on top of the liquid soap. That’s what happened to me with the skull.
So I put the second pink skull on top of the other skull. I also had put a hole into the skull and filled it with soap, so it won’t float up. (Pic 1)
It’s also important to use the right soap. Like you see in the second picture below, I tried to use a dull pink laundry detergent, but you couldn’t see the spiders through the detergent anymore.
(Pic 2)
skull and soap in mason jar for halloween light    filling detergent in jar with spider
Pic 1                                                          Pic 2

And what do you think? Aren’t these spooky DIY Halloween lights cool?

It’s a really cool Halloween decoration for your home or next Halloween party. You could also fill the jars with different decors and use it for different occasions.

materials for spooky diy halloween lights

I hope you liked my spooky DIY Halloween lights. Let me know in the comments below which one is your favorite light and maybe you will craft some your one. I would love to see your own creations.

Happy Halloween

See you soon.


spooky diy halloween lights

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