the ultimate christmas shopping list for the whole family

Are you already done with your Christmas shopping? Or haven’t you started yet?

The countdown has started, Christmas is coming closer and closer and you want to buy your family and friends the perfect gifts. Instead of running from store to store, why not lay down on your cozy couch or your comfy bed and shop your gifts online, or just the materials to build and craft some awesome DIY gifts.

If you aren’t really sure what to buy your family and friends yet. We’ve got you covered! We created a great Christmas gift list, that can help you. Without any stress and running around, you can get all your gifts or materials to craft your own gifts delivered to your home. It can’t get any easier, so let’s go!

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1. Ladies first. For your wife, girlfriend, mother or daughter:
The Artison KitchenAid. It’s the classic design Stand Mixer and you can get it in a lot of cool colors. This one has a glass bowl, what makes it even prettier. You can use it for baking and cooking delicious things.



Why not a pretty handbag. Almost every woman uses and loves purses. It’s big enough to carry all important things in it and be ready for anything. And you can use a good purse many, many years and always look good wearing it.




Or how about a cool and environment-friendly personalized tote bag? You can design it yourself and put the name or anything else the person you want to give it to likes. Check out our post: “pimp your canvas tote bag” and learn how to create an awesome tote bag that will be an eyecatcher.



2. For Husband, Boyfriend, Father or Son:
The DJI Spark DroneThis Drone is great for beginners, it’s easy to control, it even starts out of your hand and reacts of gestures. It got a lot of other cool features and you can get it in different colors too.

Or the DJI Marvic Pro. This one is great for people who got already experience in drone flying.


Why not buy him a great Toolset. Men love tools and if you buy them, he can fix and build you anything you want. My husband always tells me, when I want him to build something for me, “Sorry, but I don’t have the right tools for that!” That can’t happen if you buy him the tools for the projects you want to get built.


If you want to give him a DIY gift, why not a cool Skyline Piggybank.
This gift is great for a smaller budget and I think it’s an awesome DIY project. Check out our Skyline Piggybank post to see how to build it. If you got money left, you can put it in the piggy bank and give it away already filled.



3. For everyone, young or old:
An all-time favorite, a gift card. If you’re not so sure what to get the person you want to surprise, then maybe a gift card would be right. You can also get them in stores or online and you can decide how much money you want to spend. With this gift, you can’t go wrong because the person can decide for themselves what to buy.


4. For Teens:
A really cool gift for teens is 3D VR Goggles. Especially these, they have an attached headset and a remote controller. With the 3D VR Goggles, you can watch 3D movies or play games. It works with the iPhone or android smartphones.



Girls may like a pretty charm bracelet. A charm bracelet is really cute and you can change the charms. You could start with just buying the bracelet and maybe 1 or 2 charms and buy another charm for her birthday and so on.



5. For Toddlers
It’s a racing track that lights up! It got LED lights and flexible parts to build a cool racing track. That’s fun, even for big kids, especially when you turn off the lights and play in the dark with the lighted up racing track.



Or how about an AquaDoddle Drawing Mat? It’s fun to be creative and draw pretty things. These pens are neon pens and run on 100% water and don’t make a mess. The drawings magically disappear as they dry.



I hope I could help you a little bit with your Christmas shopping and give you some great gift ideas. Let me know, how you liked the list and tell me if your loved ones loved their presents.

I hope you and your family and friends have a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.


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