Skyline piggy bank

How to create a unique skyline piggy bank

The idea for this cool piggy bank has come from my brother-in-law. He asked me if I could build him a piggy bank, with which he could save money for several different things or dreams.

My husband who helped me built the piggy bank had the idea with the skyline. Every skyscraper is used separately for saving money for a different thing.

What you need:

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Here we go. First draw the skyscraper onto the plywood and cut it out with the circular saw.


Then cut the side walls of the buildings, which are also made out of plywood. These side walls are getting a joint, through which the acrylic plexiglass disks are later inserted. The side walls are then getting glued to the back of the skyline.


Now the acrylic plexiglass sheet is cut into rectangles that fit in the joints of the sidewall. After that, the skyscrapers need roofs, cut a square of plywood, which cover the top of the individual towers. But they should not completely cover the top, leave a gap in the rear area of about 3/8 “. The gap is later used as a slot to insert the money.


Now it’s time to spray the piggy bank. I wanted to let the windows shine in copper, so the whole front is sprayed in copper color first.

After the paint is dry, the windows are getting covered. This work isn’t a fun part of crafting this piggy bank, but it’s so worth it! To cover the windows, I have cut a self-adhesive film into strips and stick it onto to the sprayed plywood.

In order to be able to glue the windows evenly, I had drawn some lines onto the wood. This really helps, since otherwise you can easily lose direction and the window rows become crooked.


I have decided to give it different window styles and on the roofs, I put a helicopter landing field, an antenna and pools with sun loungers. The antenna was build out of a toothpick wrapped in masking tape.

Now the second color can be sprayed, I used a gray color.

   After the gray color is dry, the individual window strips can be peeled off and done!

The skyline piggy bank is also great as a gift and is really an eyecatcher.


I hope my instructions were helpful and I could give you some ideas and inspirations. I am looking forward reading your comments or receiving pictures of your own creations.

I hope to see you again soon.


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